Macroart provides a wide range of tension fabric solutions, with full in house fabrication. We have been at the forefront of this exciting market for the past 10 years and have plenty of experience to help you with the right solution.






General Tension Frame Solutions

Our aluminium profile options combined with high-quality fabric print, offer a large array of branding opportunities, whilst providing seamless and perfectly tensioned displays. Our range covers wall-mounted, free-standing and flown structures in a variety of frame sizes and configurations. Frames can be rolled to provide curved displays if needed and are manufactured to order to almost any size.






Lightbox Solutions

For added impact, Macroart offers an extensive range of LED illuminated systems solutions as an alternative to standard, non-illuminated frames. Specified to suit each enquiry, our team offer rear or edge-lit LED solutions with technical calculations for even and consistent illumination. As with non-illuminated frames, lightbox profiles can be wall-mounted, free-standing or flown.






Specialist Systems Solutions

Having both display print production and TFS fabrication in-house gives Macroart the capability to design bespoke solutions to bring our clients concepts to life. Our frames can be designed to interact with Audio Visual hardware to integrate LED tiles, screens and projection surfaces alongside printed surfaces to combine dynamic and static displays.

Acoustic foams can be used in collaboration with frames when utilising our systems, often in corporate environments where noise management can be an important consideration for clients.

Specialist LED illumination can also be specified to achieve Dynamic illumination with DMX control. Our team are always happy to work with our clients to specify the correct solution to suit the client brief no matter how complex.






Additional Solutions

Macroart also offers additional specialist tensioning systems to those previously mentioned. Internal or External environment tensioning extrusions can be retro-fixed to structures of varying type, in order to allow seamless and perfectly tensioned graphics to be applied to difficult shapes and environments.  These systems offer increased flexibility and adaptability in environments where aluminium based TFS may not be suitable. We can also offer modular systems solutions for structural build support that can be tailored specifically to our client’s requirements

Please enquire for any bespoke requirements and our experienced team will advise accordingly.


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